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As a full-service indoor and outdoor sign creator, manufacturer, and installer, our team at Element 4 Signs & Graphics stays busy. Thanks to our experienced team of creatives, we are able to offer all services related to the creation of signage. Despite our many responsibilities, we are passionate about the work that we do, and that keeps us motivated to continually deliver the immaculate results that have now become synonymous with our name.

At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, you don’t have to go through the hoops of hiring multiple people to bring your vision to life. We handle all aspects of the process, including delivery and fulfillment. As a locally owned and operated business, we feel strongly about helping others in our area put their best face forward. The way that we do this is by manufacturing signs that are not only visually striking but made to endure and last so that you’re not constantly repairing and replacing.

We work with businesses of all backgrounds and have successfully managed projects of various sizes. Whether you’re only in the market for one type of exterior sign or are looking to completely overhaul your business with various types of signs, we’ve got the tools, machinery, and team needed to fulfill all of your signage needs in a timely yet precise manner. From lobby signs to monument signs, we know how to get the job done in a way that elicits complete satisfaction.


Breaking Down the Installation Process

Oftentimes the process of installation can be overshadowed by other components of the sign creation journey. Installation might not be as glamorous as design, or as interesting as production, but it’s just as important, and here’s why:

Just about anything that requires an installation (especially professionally) is something that you don’t want to cut corners on. A botched installation doesn’t just affect how the sign looks; it affects how it performs. Basically, proper installation is necessary when it comes to the overall performance of your sign. Granted, some sign varieties boast a far less invasive installation process. Take, for instance, a post and panel sign. Given the nature of a post and panel sign, it tends to be a lot easier to install than say channel letters or something comparable. Despite this fact, you should never leave an installation to chance, regardless of how easy it might appear on the outside. People consistently make the mistake of trying to install something they perceive as easy, only to find out there’s a lot more to it.

Different signs have different installation processes, making it virtually impossible to describe in generic terms. Nevertheless, our team at Element 4 Signs & Graphics is well-versed in all installation techniques and tactics, and we guarantee a seamless experience due to our expertise and hands-on work. We know how to anticipate issues, make adjustments when necessary, and install all types of signage with the intention of longevity.

The Installation Process; Scheduling and Timelines

A significant number of our clients will inquire about the installation process, wondering how long it will take, and how soon their sign can be delivered and installed. The short, and somewhat unsatisfactory answer? It depends, as does everything else. When it comes to scheduling time slots for delivery and installation, we take a proactive approach but are flexible to the realities of business owners. Ergo, we’re happy to work with you to find an ideal timeframe.

As for the installation process itself? We cannot in good faith give a concrete answer, especially considering some signage requires different installation tactics. However, here are some common variables that could potentially affect how long the installation process will take.

The Intricacy of the Sign: Some business signs, like a post and panel, are pretty straightforward. They don’t need to be attached directly to a building which gives us more freedom with location. The sign is also in one piece, making it somewhat easier to handle. Compare a post and panel sign to dimensional or channel letters. Depending on how many letters we created, you’d likely be looking at a considerably longer installation time. Mainly because each letter is its own individual sign. Other add-ons can contribute to lengthening installation times.

The Number of Signs You’ve Requested: A lot of times when businesses commission us for work, they have multiple signs they’d like us to create. If we make multiple signs for one business, we might need to install them over a period of several days versus all at once. It all ultimately depends on how many signs you’ve ordered, the intricacy of the sign design, and the location. Because of that, the installation might be an ongoing process versus an all-at-once endeavor. Regardless, we will communicate what you can expect every step of the way.

Location: Because Element 4 Signs & Graphics is a full-service graphic design and signage firm, we have signage options for businesses, homes, schools, indoors, outdoors, and even vehicles. Yep, our Element4 Graphics & Signs team even provides vehicle wraps. Ultimately, your location will play a role in how the installation process unfolds. Sometimes we have to work around tight schedules, in the case of schools, offices, and stadiums. Contrarily, sometimes schedules are wide open, and we can choose from multiple timeslots.

Unforeseen Roadblocks: Sometimes (by no fault of your own) we can run into unexpected issues during the installation process. Perhaps it’s an issue with the location, or there’s some sort of damage we didn’t initially anticipate. We’re usually able to resolve most issues in a timely manner, however, from time to time we do run into a problem that must be addressed first.

What to Expect from the Installation Process

As evidenced by prior paragraphs, the installation process can be somewhat unpredictable. What’s not unpredictable is our dedication to keeping you fully informed and updated as we navigate through your process. Through growth and hands-on experience, we’ve learned that communication is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether we’re in the beginning design stages or ready to have us deliver and install your sign, we will keep you apprised and up to date.