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An Introduction to Element 4’s ADA Bathroom Signs

Whether you’re brand-new to the world of business and entrepreneurship or have logged many hours in your respective field, it’s important to be up to date with all of the regulations and rules surrounding ADA signage. Why? Well, for starters, beyond the rules and regulations, it makes sense for businesses to accommodate their customers who might struggle with disabilities or developmental setbacks. By including adequate ADA signage, you’re not only indicating to customers that they are welcome in your place of business, but also, that your business is set up to accommodate them. ADA signs are easy to make and easy to install, rendering priceless results for the populations they serve.

Before diving deeper into our specific services here at Element 4 Signs & Graphics, let’s briefly explain the role of ADA signage. The term ADA actually stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Essentially, the ADA is a law that protects people with disabilities, helping them to efficiently navigate our modern world. The ADA covers many different facets of life, from voting to parking. However, for our specific purpose, Element 4 Signs & Graphics focuses on ADA Directional Signs.

Our team makes various signs and can create signage both universal and specific, to help those who are navigating the world with a disability. ADA signs make our world more inclusive and can help everyone feel like their needs are being acknowledged and met. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics we also focus on assisting those with all types of disabilities. We understand that while some disabilities are very visible and can impact all aspects of an individual’s life, others may be less obvious (however no less important). We want to help businesses accommodate all of their clients, regardless of background.


Understanding the Regulations Surrounding ADA Directional Signage

In a perfect world, all businesses would automatically prioritize their disabled clients by installing all of the necessary signage. However, in reality, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, in part, to ensure that businesses adhere to the proper guidelines. The act itself was passed in 1990, and amended in 2008, both by Congress. The overarching idea of the law was (and is) to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities in many aspects of public life.

Installing proper signage is one way in which this law is upheld because signage is often crucial for helping ALL people, but especially those who are disabled, navigate spaces safely. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we are committed to providing signage for all of our business clients, in addition to upholding and adhering to any regulations set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA directional signs are therefore incredibly important for all business owners/administration to abide by, both legally and ethically.

Outlining Different Types of ADA Signs

‘ADA Signs’ is often regarded as an umbrella term, an overarching phrase used to describe multiple types of signs. Because disabilities vary in nature and can affect different parts of the body and/or mind, we have specific types of signs designed to accommodate various disabilities. One of the most common signs that you may encounter in day-to-day life is handicapped signs. These signs are most often used in parking lots, and they help specify which spots are reserved for those with mobility issues. As per the ADA website, when state or local governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations provide parking lots or garages, accessible parking spaces complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must be provided. Element 4 Signs & Graphics has provided these types of signs for plenty of clients, who can rest assured that all proper regulations have been adhered to.

Another common type of sign that we provide are braille signs. Chances are, you are already familiar with braille, but just in case you aren’t, here’s a quick rundown on braille. Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or suffer from impacted vision. Braille is sometimes mistaken as a language, like for example ASL (American Sign Language). In actuality, braille is a code that many languages utilize, making it able to be read and understood globally. Braille is obviously a huge asset for helping those who are visually impaired navigate unknown spaces. Hence, it is something we at Element 4 Signs & Graphics are well-versed in and able to install effortlessly.

Another component of ADA signs are ADA bathroom signs. These signs are designed to, firstly, help those with disabilities locate the bathroom, and secondly, indicate which bathroom is best suited for their needs. As per regulations, public bathrooms are required to have an ADA-compliant stall. These stalls allow for plenty of space and have handlebars and other mechanisms built in. These stalls are helpful for people with all types of disabilities, but particularly those with mobility limitations. Element 4 Signs & Graphics provides proper signage to indicate which stalls (or in some cases a separate bathroom) are set up per ADA guidelines.

Understandably, a lot of business owners are nervous about ensuring they have met all the necessary regulatory ADA requirements. Fortunately, we at Element 4 Signs & Graphics only create, issue, and install signs that are legally compliant. Ergo, you will never have to worry about the legalities of your sign. Your responsibility only extends to ensuring the proper design components are in place. Nevertheless, learning about ADA signs, particularly ADA restroom sign requirements can seem overwhelming and challenging. That’s exactly why we employ a team of experts, who are able to not only provide all of the proper signage but explain the why and how behind it all.

We Offer a Variety of Sign Options to Choose From

Because ADA signs are required by law to comply with certain regulations and rules, many people falsely conclude that they do not have stylistic choices when it comes to ADA signage. This is not the case whatsoever. While there are definitely limitations and rules that need to be adhered to, there are actually a lot more options than you might initially believe. We’ll walk you through your options, helping you choose the ideal signage for your space without compromising the necessary rules you must follow to avoid hefty fines. From braille to door plaques for office, Element 4 Signs & Graphics has the inventory, tools, and knowledge needed to follow ADA guidelines safely and accurately. As with any of our services, we welcome your questions, always.