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In the world of signs, banners, and decals, there are actually a lot of different materials that you can use, both internally and externally, to create the ideal sign. At the same time, there are decidedly certain materials that are more commonplace, easy to source, and malleable. Acrylic is one of them and has been a staple in the industry of sign-making for a considerable amount of time.

In general, acrylic signs are an excellent, easy, and cost-effective way to enhance the look of any space. They can be used in both personal and professional settings. A lot of people tend to opt for acrylic in exchange for glass. Visually and structurally, they look quite similar, however, acrylic is a great alternative because it’s a lot less fragile and inexpensive.

Acrylic is a polymer material, often used in place of more expensive and heavier materials like glass. As a custom sign shop, we at Element 4 Signs & Graphics regularly utilize acrylic because of its popularity and diverse nature. On top of being highly customizable, acrylic is often less hazardous than glass. For example, if it were to get hit, dropped, or impacted, it would not shatter in the same way as glass would.

Speaking of customization, because acrylic is made of cast polymer, it is durable, colorless, and transparent. On its own, this combination might not sound all that attractive. However, given its status as a blank slate, it can be customized in a myriad of ways. For instance, people who are trying to achieve the look of frosted glass often use acrylic as a substitute because it can be finished with lots of different effects. These are a few of the reasons we at Element 4 Signs & Graphics often encourage our clients to explore the possibilities of acrylic.


Acrylic: Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Signs for Businesses

Given its properties and characteristics, acrylic is often used in both outdoor and indoor capacities. It’s durable, customizable, and tends to hold up well against damage. Essentially, acrylic can be modified in a multitude of ways to yield lots of different results and outcomes. To get an idea of how you can manipulate and change acrylic, here are a few of its notable features.

Dimensional: Before it is modified, acrylic is colorless and transparent, making it an ideal base material for lots of projects. Adding a solid background color can instantly create a dazzling 3D effect.

Finishing Options: By design, acrylic is able to take on different finishes to create certain effects. In particular, non-glare finishing is incredibly popular, especially in offices and/or buildings where bright fluorescent lights are commonplace. A non-glare finish is easy to add to acrylic and will effectively absorb light instead of reflecting it.

Color: If you’re looking to install a captivating and colorful interior business sign, you should definitely consider acrylic. This is because acrylic can actually take on different colors if you implement strategic visual effects. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics we can create custom-colored signs in acrylic by installing colors on both the front and the back of the sign. Colors can help add depth and dimension to your office.

Frosted Effect: If you’ve been in a handful of modern offices, you’ve likely encountered frosted glass. It is undeniably beautiful and visually striking. At the same time, glass is expensive, heavy, fragile, and easily damaged. Frosted glass is a worthwhile investment for those who truly want it, however, acrylic is an effective copycat. You can ultimately create an identical effect, without all of the challenges that come with sourcing, customizing, and installing glass. In fact, Element 4 Signs & Graphics even offers LED additions to our signs, which illuminate frosted acrylic. This look is popular, and for good reason.

Effortless Installation: Still not ready to power up Google and search for acrylic signs near me? Perhaps it’s time to consider the effortless installation process that comes with acrylic. For starters, its lighter weight alone will make for a more effective and seamless installation process. Because acrylic as a material weighs significantly less than glass, it can be installed virtually anywhere. While we often see acrylic utilized in businesses and offices (notably in lobbies) it can be tweaked for outdoor spaces too. In fact, if you want to add an acrylic outdoor sign, but have concerns about how it will be affected by the light, you can utilize UV-resistant inks. While the sign itself can be customized in a myriad of ways, you can also select various adhering offsets like chrome, nickel-plated standoffs, brushed metal, etc. In addition, if you’re leasing a space that does not allow for holes or punctures in the wall, acrylic is light enough to where it can be hung using several techniques.

Spotlight on Acrylic Lobby Signage

Previously, we’ve discussed a few of the reasons why acrylic is so popular in office settings. As far as interior signs are concerned, acrylic is undeniably one of the most sought-after materials. It is also one of the materials that we at Element 4 Signs & Graphics have an immense amount of experience customizing and perfecting. As far as lettering is concerned, acrylic is movable, paintable, durable, and inexpensive to work with. It also has a longevity that isn’t as commonplace with similar materials. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we are able to add all types of different features like lighting, graphics, lettering, etc. These features help to add dimension, which is ultimately the most effective way to add depth and personality to your sign.

For all of these reasons, we like to offer acrylic as an option when discussing lobby signage with our customers. Not only does it save them considerable amounts of money, but the outcomes are just as nice, if not nicer than using a similar material like glass. When rendered and installed correctly, other than an expert-trained eye, nobody can really spot the difference.

Why Choose Element 4 Signs & Graphics As Your Interior Sign Company?

When it comes to creating a sign that represents your business, you don’t want to cut corners. When using Element 4 Signs & Graphics as your sign provider, you won’t have to. Acrylic is just one of the various materials that we can use to create the signage that you want. What is most important to us is creating a sign that is durable and well-made, while also representing your business accurately through art and visuals. We know precisely how to use signage to make a positive impact and first impression. Choosing Element 4 Signs & Graphics means choosing a partner who is predominantly interested in fulfilling your wants, needs, and expectations. For more information about acrylic sign work, especially as it pertains to interiors, we’re happy to provide all the information you’ll need to make an educated choice.