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All About Post and Panel Signs: A Classic Choice for Outside Signs for Businesses

This might be your first time ever seeing the term ‘post and panel signs’, however, you’ve undoubtedly encountered them out in the wild before. Holistically, post and panel signs are a really great investment for businesses. For starters, they are notably economical especially compared to a lot of different signage types. 

What exactly constitutes a post and panel sign? Good question. A post and panel sign is closely related to a monument sign. Why? Because post and panel signs, like monument signs, are freestanding. However, the defining components of a post and panel sign is well…the post(s) and the panel(s). To further clarify, the panel is technically the face of the sign, and the posts are what keep it held in place. The generic post and panel sign consists of two posts, and a single flat panel suspended between them. These signs can be made with lots of economical materials, further adding to their reputation for being affordable. 

While the design itself might sound straightforward (it is), post and panel signs can still be customized in a lot of ways. Post and panel signs can take on a classic and traditional look, or they can be sleek and contemporary. It ultimately comes down to what materials you use, how you structure the sign and other variables. One common material found in post and panel signs is wrought iron. Wrought iron often gives a classic and sophisticated look but is still considered a material that holds its own in contemporary settings.


Why Choose a Post and Panel Sign?

Post and panel signs are economical, easy to install and maintain, while still emulating a timeless sort of charm. Oftentimes they’re not insanely elaborate, nor are they imposing, which makes them popular among business owners who aren’t looking to invest in anything ultra complex. Due to their freestanding nature, post and panel signs can be installed in various places across a property, in turn, boosting visibility and easily catching the eye of onlookers. 

Post and panel signs are very helpful when it comes to identification, which is why they are often used to communicate parking locations amongst other information. If you’re looking to attract the attention of foot traffic (i.e., people who are not necessarily planning on being patrons of your establishment) the post and panel is a good way to identify and market. 

Post and panel signs are commonplace and can be installed just about anywhere. They do, however, tend to be used in the following industries: 

  • Real Estate
  • Education/Universities
  • Events
  • Venues
  • Stadiums

Creating your Post and Panel Sign with Element 4 Signs & Graphics

Our team of multi-talented experts knows how to seamlessly incorporate all aspects of sign creation including, manufacturing, and installation. We take a proactive approach to all of our projects, regardless of how simple or intricate they might be. The classic post and panel sign is a great option for lots of different businesses, and with plenty of options for customization, you can create a sign that reflects your personal taste, effortlessly.