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Seeking Fascia Business Signs Near Me in Charlotte and Beyond? Element 4 Signs & Graphics Has You Covered

For all intents and purposes, a fascia sign is basically any sign that attaches to the front of a building. The term is derived from the word façade, which in this context refers to ‘the building’s front’. Understandably, this definition might sound a little vague, after all, many types of signs appear to be mounted on the front of a building. However, fascia has a few significant features, the most predominant one being that fascia signs do not usually project outward from the building. Their appearance is notably a lot less dimensional, especially when compared to signs with lettering such as dimensional or channel. 

Like most of our signs, fascia can be crafted from a wide variety of materials. Materials typically used include wood, aluminum, aluminum and steel, and other metals with various finishes and polishes (mild steel, stainless steel, etc.) Another defining feature of a fascia sign is its shape. More often than not fascia signage is rectangular. Fascia signs are regarded for their straightforwardness and visibility. They typically don’t have a lot of bells and whistles like other signs, but many people will find this to be a positive attribute. 

Although there is a somewhat standard prototype for fascia signs, make no mistake, there’s still a lot of wiggle room when it comes to shaping and sizing. 


Outdoor Fascia Sign, Greyish white background with dark grey letters, UniFirst

Breaking Down the Cost of Fascia Outdoor Signage for Business

As always, the final cost of your fascia sign will be determined by a lot of variables. As a bassline, fascia is actually somewhat economical, especially compared to comparable designs. On average, fascia signs could run you a couple of thousands of dollars. Consequently, you can easily invest more into fascia signage depending on how complex and intricate you want to get with the design.

What exactly are these variables that contribute to price increases? Things like materials used, the size and shape of the sign, the complexity of the illumination, and the installation fees will dictate your overall price. At Element 4, we’re always ready to take on the task of customization. Nevertheless, we are always transparent about costs upfront and can offer solutions to help you manage your budget. We’re not in the business of price gauging, and we genuinely want you to walk away enamored with the results. For many businesses, fascia is a great option due to its attractive nature and reasonable price point.

Durability and Longevity: Is a Fascia Sign a Smart Investment?

Our team doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts or cutting corners, period. As a result, we put our all into every sign we produce, and manufacture them with high-quality materials to ensure they endure. With that said, certain materials and types of signs will hold up better by default. Furthermore, variables like weather, climate, materials, maintenance, and installation will affect your sign’s lifespan. Even so, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way, and when properly taken care of, a fascia sign can have a considerable lifespan. 

Durable Outdoor Fascia Sign, Black metal wall, White background with multicolor letters, Time Out Youth
Durable Outdoor Fascia Sign, Brick building, Brown Background, Rocket Business Logo
Durable Outdoor Fascia Sign, Brick building, Grey Background, Dark Pink Letters, ARK Veterinary Hospital
Durable Outdoor Fascia Sign, Brown Brick Biulding with white letter, LaDelizia Gelato Italian Market Sandwiches