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All About Dimensional Letters for Your Outdoor Building Sign

In many ways, dimensional letters are similar to channel letters. Because of this, people often get the two types of lettering confused. While there are definitely similarities that exist between the two, there are some key differences to consider which will likely sway your opinion when deciding which route to take. 

So begs the question, what are dimensional letters? Dimensional letters are 3D letters that are usually crafted from acrylic or metal. (Other materials include plex, wood, steel, copper, etc). Like channel letters, they are typically mounted directly onto a wall or backdrop. Conversely, you may sometimes find them in a standalone position, similar to an art installation.  

Logistically speaking, dimensional letters are relatively straightforward. However, they are highly customizable, making them a go-to solution for commercial clients and businesses looking to make their name pop.


Dimensional Letters vs. Channel Letters: Breaking it Down

If you’re thinking that the definition of dimensional letters seems very similar to that of channel letters, you’re correct. To the average consumer, they might as well be interchangeable. Even so, there are some key differences to consider.

For starters, if you’re interested in having your sign lit or illuminated, channel letters are the more common option. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use lighting on dimensional letters, it’s just not as commonplace. True to its name, dimensional letters are intended to add depth and dimension to your signage. They’re highly versatile due to the fact that they can be crafted using lots of different materials, which subsequently allows for lots of choices with color and texture.

You can mount dimensional letters on all types of surfaces, and they can take on several forms: For instance, you have backlist dimensional letters, routed PVC letters, laser-cut letters, etc. If you’re interested in installing dimensional letters (either indoors and/or outdoors) but only have walls that are textured, this is not an issue. Dimensional letters can be affixed to all sorts of different surfaces of varying textures. 

The Element 4 Signs & Graphics Approach: Collaboration

At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we believe that collaboration is key to yielding the best results. We bring to the table our expertise and experience, while our clients (particularly those who are commercial and business owners) bring their artistic vision and personality. Each business is unique, and your signage should reflect that. This is precisely why we make it a priority to get to know each client and their tastes.

Due to the sheer amount of customization that can be done on dimensional letters, choosing the right type of material and design can feel overwhelming at times. While having a lot of options is usually ideal, it can sometimes make the narrowing down process difficult. That’s where we can step in and add perspective, helping to lead you to the right choice based on artistry, budget, and overall purpose.

Dimensional Letters for Business Name Sign

How To Personalize Dimensional Letters to Your Business’s Advantage

For many people, a sign is just a sign. However, in the world of advertising, marketing, and brand recognition, design matters…a lot. Here are some things we ask our clients to consider during the creative process when crafting their personalized outdoor business sign:

Brand Recognition: A strong sense of brand recognition is often what separates a good business from a legendary one. Think about some of the most successful and recognizable businesses out there, what sort of characteristics do they have in common?

Obviously, a business is not a living and breathing thing. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that businesses don’t have personalities, values, and other human characteristics. If you can build a solid brand, you can often establish longevity and thus, security.

You’re probably wondering, how exactly does this all relate to signage? Fair question. By nature, signs themselves tend to be informational. Yet, how that sign is designed, and its appearance says a lot about your company. For instance, if you’re trying to make your business appear refined and sophisticated, you probably want a sign that is easy to read, not overly cluttered with additives, and uses a sleek neutral color for the dimensional letters.

Location Specific: Location, location, location. Yep, it’s true, location also plays a huge role in building sign letters. When creating a sign, it’s important to try and visualize how that sign will fit within the context of your building. Is your building camouflaged or not easily visible from the street? How much direct sunlight do you anticipate your letters will be exposed to? How volatile is the weather where you’re located? Overwhelmed yet? This is where our professionals can take charge, by recommending materials and signage that best compliments your environment. The more information you can provide us with, the better equipped we’ll be to make the best recommendation.

Budget: At Element 4, we don’t believe that more money automatically means better quality, which is why we like to know upfront what our clients have in mind as it pertains to their budget. We’ll work with you no matter what the circumstances surrounding your finances. Moreover, more money does not equal better treatment. As a hard and fast rule, we treat all of our clients with the same dignity and respect, no questions asked.

A Quick Overview of CNC Signs

A lot of the revenue that we generate at Element 4 Signs & Graphics is directly funneled back into our business. This includes investing in high-quality tools and machinery that ultimately help make your visions a reality. In the world of sign-making, a CNC routing machine provides countless benefits.

CNC sign-making is all about precision, and being able to create signage that is perfectly rendered. CNC machinery is also able to effortlessly cut through materials that are known to be challenging. Essentially, CNC signs help eliminate the issues that often accompany human error. Our state-of-the-art machine ensures that the results appear exactly as you requested. With dimensional letters in particular, CNC can be extremely helpful.

Part of what makes dimensional letters such an attractive option for clients is their ability to be personalized in shape, size, texture, appearance, and material. As previously mentioned, one of the most popular materials is acrylic. Dimensional letters are often crafted using acrylic, ultimately transforming into visually stunning acrylic outdoor signage.

Our team often encourages clients to explore acrylic signage, because of all the benefits attached. Price wise? It can end up being significantly less than other comparable materials. Moreover, acrylic is a versatile and malleable material that takes on various forms. Clients are often extremely satisfied with the results, because, not only are they left with a beautiful product, but they don’t have to break the bank to make it happen.

From Design to Installation: All About Element 4’s Impressive Work

Now that we’ve thoroughly outlined dimensional letters, it’s time to talk about choosing the proper team after searching for an acrylic sign near me. The truth is, to ensure the best results possible, you need a crew that can assist you at all intervals of the process. A sign company might be great at the creative portion of the process or have a real knack for installation. However, the best of the best, like our team at Element 4 Signs & Graphics, knows how to approach these jobs holistically. The best results are produced by a company that has a creative edge, industry acumen, and the ability to install any type of sign with accuracy.

Furthermore, we also focus heavily on perfecting our customer service protocol. Primarily because we want to build longstanding relationships with our clients. To ensure full satisfaction, we stay organized, punctual, and accountable. We also value honesty and transparency. Is there an issue with the design? Do you not feel like your needs have been met? We never want to hear after the fact that you’re dissatisfied, which is why we constantly check in and ask questions. We take care of problems as they arise and remain accountable in the event of an error or oversight, period.

Finding the right sign can take time, effort, and patience. Fortunately, we’re good at providing all three. Whether you opt for dimensional letters, or have your eye on something else, we’re here to guide you through the process, helping you learn more about what goes into exceptional sign design and installation.

Getting started is as simple as reaching out. We’ll answer any questions that you have, and work with you and for you to procure exceptional results. Our team at Element 4 looks forward to acting as your premier dimensional letter and acrylic sign maker team.