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Every single day, your business is likely being passed and viewed by a significant number of people. Location plays a big role in how often your business is seen, but then again, so does its presentation. Due to our nature and programming, humans are constantly walking around making observations, and those observations can seriously influence us, even when we don’t realize it. 

To further illustrate this point, here are some examples of how an exterior business sign can seriously influence your (potential) customer’s perception. We’ll start by setting the stage. Let’s say that your business is retail, a basic clothing store. The location of your building is not incredibly obscure, but it’s still just a little bit difficult to find. 

In the first scenario, you’ve opted for a monument sign. In its early days the sign was well-constructed and polished, however, over time it’s been neglected and now has some pretty jarring issues. A few of the letters are missing, parts of the sign are not visible due to foliage overgrowth etc. This is the type of sign that customers look at and usually feel dissatisfaction. It obviously needs some TLC, but the most frustrating part of all is the fact that information is being actively blocked out by foliage. 

By contrast, here is the second scenario. You have the same monument sign; however, this sign has been immaculately maintained as have the shrubs and foliage surrounding it. You can clearly see everything, and you’ve chosen colors that contrast nicely. You’ve recently made an update to the sign by adding LED lights, which now makes it easier to see the sign after the sun goes down.


Business Signs Convey Messages Both Directly and Indirectly to Your Customers

These two scenarios illustrate an important fact about signs, they relay subconscious messages. Both examples utilize the same type of sign, a monument sign, but the response and reaction they elicit are dramatically different. In the first case, your customer might be led to believe that you don’t care about maintaining your property. The customer assumes this might boil over into how you run the clothing store, which can be incredibly off-putting.The customer might also wonder about the interior of the store and its condition.

On the contrary, the second sign’s condition might lead the customer to think that you are proactive in taking care of your property. The LED lights also convey that you wanted the sign to be as visible as possible. Essentially, you want the customer’s experience with your signage to be easy and enjoyable.

An Exterior Building Sign For Every Type of Business Owner

In addition to the previous examples, outdoor signs are beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Among other benefits they:

  • Help customers identify where they are.
  • Can be visually pleasing to those passing by and foot traffic.
  • Pique the interest of those who otherwise might have skipped past your business.
  • Can demonstrate your creativity and leave customers with a positive impression.
  • Promote brand recognition.

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