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The Importance of Investing in Business Signs Outdoor

Here’s an important thing to remember about first impressions. They take a minute to form, and a lifetime to change. That alone is reason enough to put thought and time into brainstorming, manufacturing, and installing your outdoor business sign. Fortunately, thanks to the team at Element 4, you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, we’re here to share our expertise and leave you with products that exceed your expectations completely. You’ll never regret investing in an outdoor sign, especially those companies who rely on signage due to their office or building being hard to see.

Thanks to modern technology, we live in a world where it’s become downright easy to locate places and addresses. However, this does not minimize the imperative role that signs play. In reality we rely on signs every day, everywhere. Whether that’s trying to find the right aisle at the grocery store or following road signs as you’re out driving.

Investing in an outdoor business sign is probably one of the most important purchases your business will make. Therefore, you should only work with companies and individuals whom you trust to deliver results. And when it comes to the world of signs, decals, and graphic design, no one delivers quality and artistry quite like Element 4 Signs & Graphics. We’ve successfully worked with all types of clients, who have requested everything from straightforward signage to elaborate designs. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, the Element 4 Signs & Graphics team is here to deliver quality time and again. It’s no surprise that we’ve built strong relationships with many of Charlotte’s most beloved and well-known businesses and institutions. There are no shortcuts to doing things right, and that’s why Element 4 Signs & Graphics has solidified itself as a premier graphic design firm and manufacturer. Outdoor signs come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and can be customized thoroughly. One of our most popular design options is channel letters.


An Introduction to Channel Letters and Custom Signs Near Me

People who are not directly involved in sign and graphic design creation are often surprised to learn just how many ways there are to customize and distinguish their signs. This fact is especially true of outdoor signs, where there are lots of different prototypes people can choose from. A very popular option for commercial businesses is channel letters. While the term channel letters might be foreign to you, you’ve without a doubt encountered them in public. 

What are Channel Letters? Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters that are predominantly featured in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings. These letters often stand by themselves; however, they can be enhanced using internal illumination and lighting. Conceptually, they are similar to dimensional letters, however, dimensional letters are often applied to sign panels or monuments. Whereas channel letters are commonly affixed to the building itself, making them a top choice when deciding between display signs for businesses. 

Why Choose Channel Letters as Your Commercial Outdoor Signs?

To be fair, there are a lot of visually appealing outdoor sign options, making it difficult to choose among them. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of benefits that accompany using channel letters. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider channel letters as your outdoor sign of choice:

  • Great Visibility: When it comes to outdoor signs specifically, visibility should always be a top priority. Strong visibility is one of the primary reasons why channel letters are so popular. Even channel letters that stand alone, without any LED lights or illumination, are still incredibly easy to spot. As a business owner, visibility should be your ultimate goal when creating a sign. As far as large outdoor signs for business are concerned, channel letters are hard to beat. While a lot of channel letters are large and imposing, at Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we can easily render a perfect size, suited precisely for your needs. We can thus help you navigate the challenges of sizing, ensuring the letters are optimized for visibility. Not too large as to be overwhelming, but not too small as to inhibit visibility.
  • Energy Efficient: Certain signs, especially those that are lit, are not always super cost-friendly or energy-efficient. However, one of the greatest benefits of channel letters is that they are energy efficient. Obviously, choosing not to light your channel letters will save you money. With that in mind, the initial costs can easily be justified by having the letters visible 24/7.
  • Durable and Sustainable: Whether you’re a business owner or a private client, you should always aim to invest in building signs for businesses that are built to last. Just because a sign is beautiful, does not necessarily mean it is durable and built for performance. While indoor signs tend to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to wear and tear, the same can’t be said for outdoor signs. Ultimately, you’re going to want signs that not only look spectacular but are built to last. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we specialize in combining these two characteristics, although they are especially prominent in channel letters. Channel letters are almost always made out of metal (aluminum and steel) and while aluminum is infamously lightweight, it more than holds its own against the elements. High winds, rain, fire, ice, snow, you name it. Compared to other signs and materials, channel letters are ideal because they’re easy to fix and restore.
  • Customizable: Our Element 4 Signs & Graphics team prides itself on offering a full spectrum of customization options. Nonetheless, try as we might, some options for business sign printing, are simply a lot more limited. Compared to other sign varieties, the process of manufacturing channel letters allows for flexibility in design. Element 4 Signs & Graphics is able to customize all sorts of channel letter characteristics including size, shape, color, style, and form. What makes channel letters so flexible? One word, aluminum. Aluminum is known for being foldable, malleable, rust-proof, and customizable.
  • Brand Recognition: People often don’t realize that branding is yet another type of marketing strategy and an effective one at that. Marketing is incredibly expensive and there are no guarantees that a campaign will be effective. This is where investing in a beautiful sign can make up the difference, especially if you don’t have the resources to fund an elaborate marketing campaign, Channel letters can communicate a lot of different messages, in particular, serving as a link between logos and text. Depending on where your business is located, it will inevitably be seen by hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, even millions of travelers. That alone is an incentive to put time, money, and energy into your sign creation. A quality sign is one of the first steps you can take to help build a strong brand identity and recognition. Our experts at Element 4 Signs & Graphics have lots of experience with brand recognition and have lots of insider tips and tricks at their disposal, all with the intention of giving you that competitive edge.
  • Eco-Friendly: As time goes on, more and more people and businesses are opening their eyes to the importance of sustainability as it pertains to our environment. Element 4 Signs & Graphics, as a top provider of company signs for building, is committed to manufacturing and producing signage in an eco-friendly manner. Not only does opting for an eco-friendly sign benefit your business, but it also conveys to the public that you care about sustainability. The cost-effective nature of channel letters also ensures you won’t be funneling money and resources into repairs. Even if you opt for lit channel letters, there are still plenty of ways to minimize your environmental impact. Our team can help you sift through options, providing you with our recommendations for cost-effective, eco-friendly, and visually striking lighting styles.

To Light or Not to Light: Discussing LED Commercial Signs

At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we treat each client as a top priority, helping them navigate the world of signage so that they are left completely satisfied post delivery and installation. In order to accommodate our diverse selection of clients, we heavily lean into the idea of customization. It’s often the small yet well-executed details that make a sign transform from great to exceptional. Lighting is decidedly one of our most sought-after additions, and it can be installed on all types of signs, including channel letters.

Most people without an understanding of sign creation, might believe that there’s only one way to install LED lights or illumination on channel letters and other signs. This is actually not the case, and in fact, how we choose to illuminate and install lighting can make a difference in how your sign is perceived. Regardless of the installation process, deciding to put lighting on a sign is an easy and effective way to elevate its presence.

A lot of business owners might find themselves skipping over lighting. They figure it won’t be beneficial to them, particularly if their business hours do not extend into the night. However, this does not mean that your sign still isn’t influencing people during off-hours. In fact, a well-lit sign in the midst of others that are not illuminated will undoubtedly send a message to potential customers. While there are extra costs associated with lighting, at Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we can work with you to create a budget that provides you with everything you need, while still sparing your wallet.

How To Get Started With Channel Letters and Custom Metal Signs Near Me

The first step to creating memorable signage starts with finding the right people to take on the job. Our Element 4 Signs & Graphics team is comprised of professionals who have an eye for detail and expert touch that cannot be replicated, regardless of money. If you’re interested in learning more about channel letters and how they work, our team can walk you through the entire process, explaining the pros and cons in an objective and informative manner. We always operate from a place of transparency, so that our clients can make the most informed choices possible.

Getting started with Element 4 is easy and risk-free. We never rush our clients through the process, on the contrary, we encourage them to ask questions, express concerns and satisfaction. We want your honest feedback, as it helps us to create better products and offer enhanced customer service.