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The Importance of Indoor Business Signs and Our Many Options and Services for Interiors

Signs, decals, banners, and the like, have become so commonplace in our day-to-day life that we rarely stop to consider just how integral they are to helping us move through the world. Signs have a lot of purposes, but most importantly they help us know where to go and what to do. It’s extremely important to have reliable signage, especially as a business or commercial enterprise. From helping people understand where they should park, to giving directions to help navigate a building or space, your clients deserve clear, accurate, and visible signage. They deserve Element 4 Signs & Graphics. Below you will see a brief overview of our most popular indoor sign offerings. More details and specifics can be found here on our website.


Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics for Business Branding
Vinyl Decal Logo Business Branding for Office
Indoor sign that reads Ballantyne and Beyond Moving, Inc.

Wall Murals and Wraps

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Businesses also represent themselves using lots of different colors and design techniques. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we are dedicated to helping businesses find their trademark style, whether that involves a whole lot of pictures and graphics or a statement piece here and there.

People often assume that graphics and wall murals are cluttered, ill-fitting, or even unsightly. And while this can be true in certain circumstances, our team of professionals is dedicated to creating an artistic atmosphere that feels true to your business, and true to the atmosphere you wish to convey. Wall murals and wraps easily jazz up a space, and given our ability to provide custom graphics, you can create something unique that easily brands your business in an artistic and attractive way.

Printed Wall Mural Wrap
Indoor sign in blue and yellow, Rivers Edge Animal Hospital

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are easily one of our most popular services when it comes to indoor signage, and for good reason. Lobby signs are extremely popular in businesses and help not only create brand recognition but also let clients and customers know they’re in the correct location. As with all of our offerings, lobby signs come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and can be rendered to your exact specifications. For instance, you can create sizing exactly to your liking, that features words, pictures, or a combination of both.

Creating a positive first impression is crucial for businesses, especially those on the smaller side, or those that are local to the area. Fortunately, our team of motivated and highly competent professionals can guide you through the entire process from idea brainstorming to installation. Our lobby signs boost brand recognition, alert clients, and can be crafted using interesting materials.

ADA Signs

Objectively speaking, ADA signs are some of the most important signs that we produce and create because they help guide people in an appropriate and convenient way. Specifically, ADA signs are designed to help instruct and inform clients who have developmental issues or disabilities (both invisible and visible). At Element 4 Graphics & Signs, we are passionate about creating ADA signage that is clear, easy to follow, and designed to endure and withstand. Our ADA signs also meet all regulatory requirements. This ensures that you as a business are compliant with all regulations, in addition to ensuring that your clients are receiving all the necessary information needed to navigate your building.

ADA signs are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therefore, it is important to choose a business that understands how to produce signage that is ADA-compliant and posted in the proper locations.

Door sign with the word Classroom in blue and brail underneath
Acrylic Indoor Signage Maroon background white letters reading Creativity

Acrylic Signs

When it comes to sign-making, many clients opt for acrylic as their material of choice. Today, acrylic is widely utilized and very popular for a myriad of different reasons. Why acrylic? Well, for starters, acrylic is high-visibility and low-cost. Those two reasons alone will often drive people to consider acrylic when it comes to sign production and creation. 

However, acrylic has long proven itself to be incredibly useful given its unique characteristics. It can be rendered in a variety of different ways including transparent and opaque. It often resembles other materials, like glass, but is considerably more durable. And easy to manipulate. In essence, acrylic continues to hold its position as one of the most useful, accessible, and diverse signage materials. 

Floor Graphics

As a full-service graphics provider, Element 4 Signs & Graphics also produces indoor floor graphics and decals. Now, you can easily transform your business, office, or building with floor graphics. Our crew can install floor graphics that are strictly decorative or used to help indicate directions. For example, arrows are an extremely popular type of floor graphic, and they are often used to help direct customers and clients. They are particularly popular in large or confusing spaces, where it might not be as easy to decipher where you are at any given time.

While you might believe that floor graphics can only be installed on a certain type of surface, fortunately, this is not actually the case. Floor graphics can be incorporated into surfaces of all types including brick, carpet, wood, and others. Our team of designers will help you create specialized graphics, based on the needs of your business and how you wish to incorporate these graphics into your space. We’re able to provide graphics of all types including those that are loud and impossible to miss, and those that are more refined, yet still very visible and practical. As with all of our designs, the choice is yours.

Innovative Indoor Sign Solutions on a staircase that reads Clean Juice, Juice Jam
Indoor Environmental Sign that is multicolored similar to a stained glass window

Environmental Signage

Judging by words alone, environmental signage might actually sound quite a bit niche and specific. On the contrary, environmental signage is far more inclusive and is generally designed to give clues and/or provide information about the environment at hand. Environmental signage does not have to be strictly practical or informational. Oftentimes, environmental signage can be used in a creative and colorful way to provide information about a company or business, while still looking uniform and visually striking.

In actuality, environmental signage is very fun to create and can easily help your potential clients garner a better understanding of how your business operates, in a way that is not boring, dry, or unsightly. With environmental signage, you can paint an extremely distinctive picture of your business or office space in a way that promotes creativity and cohesion. 

Why Choose Element 4 As Your Local Sign Shop in Charlotte?

Simply put, Element 4 Signs & Graphics employs talented professionals and designers who are enthusiastic about the work they produce. We look at the process of crafting signs from two vantage points, creative and pragmatic. By focusing on these two approaches, we can in turn create products that are one-of-a-kind yet easy to digest visually.

Moreover, we believe that it is imperative to approach each client with our undivided attention and desire to create something entirely customizable. We don’t just get to know each client, rather, we get to know your business as a whole. What type of atmosphere are you trying to generate? What messages do you need your signs to convey, both literally and artistically? What materials are you drawn to? These are all questions that we seek to answer, by way of active communication and continued consultations/checkups.

Element 4 Signs & Graphics is a locally owned and operated business with roots in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area. As a result, we feel strongly about championing our fellow local businesses, especially because many of these businesses make up the heart of Charlotte and represent who we are culturally. Element 4 is here to help you put your best foot forward, and this often begins by creating imagery that is specific and arresting.

Finally, our inventory speaks for itself. The sheer amount of variety that we can offer ensures each business has the opportunity to expand creatively. We offer all types of substrates, and materials, perfect for choosing a specific look all your own. Our indoor signs are also crafted to reflect your exact preferences, whether that looks like a sign entirely made up of letters and words, or a sign that utilizes imagery only. We believe in pushing the box in strategic ways and finding the perfect fit for your business.

Indoor Restaurant Signage for a restroom
Indoor signage that reads Capricorn Custom Performance Center
Sign for Zero Three Sixty Wealth Partners in blue letters

Local Signage for Commercial and Private Clients

While it’s true that businesses make up a significant portion of our clientele, we also service plenty of individuals and non-business-related clients. All of our indoor signage can be utilized and installed right in the comfort of your home. Looking to craft a family mission statement and post it directly on the wall? Perhaps you’re interested in some floor graphics to add some artistic depth and dimension to your surfaces? Whether your vision is conventional, abstract, or somewhere in between, Element 4 Signs & Graphics is happy to provide signs and graphics for all who seek them.

Getting started with Element 4 Signs & Graphics is easy, and we take the time to consult each client extensively. Our process is client-led, meaning we take directions and commands from those we’re working for, to ensure that the result is nothing short of exceptional. At the same time, we have loads of first-hand experience and expertise, meaning we’ll give you our honest input and recommended course of action so that you can have all the information needed to make informed decisions about your space. From floor graphics to mission statement signs, there are plenty of creative and pragmatic directions our clients can take. Our goal is to ensure that everything is executed according to plan, from the creative/construction phase to the installation process.

Element 4 Signs & Graphics also provides a whole inventory of materials and substrates, making it easy to bring your creative vision to life. With lots of options that are primed for longevity and appearance, you will find the options are as limitless as your imagination.

Indoor wall sign black background white letters, "Next Steps"
Indoor acrylic signage that looks like an open elevator with a young lady working a cleaning service
Indoor local signage, black background with white lettering, Live Oak Real Estate

Getting Started With Element 4 Signs & Graphics

The process of getting started is often where people feel the most overwhelmed.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to outline each of our services extensively here on our website. In addition, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Moreover, we keep you informed each step of the way so that you can plan logistically and monetarily moving forward. Beyond creating an exceptional product, we want the entire duration of your work with us to be simple and non-invasive. 

We look forward to helping you with your indoor graphics project and showing you why we’re the top choice amongst graphic, design, and local vinyl decal shops in the Charlotte area.