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Introducing Element 4’s Comprehensive Sign Service and Repair

Element 4 Signs & Graphics is a full-service graphic solutions company, providing a comprehensive list of services designed to create, install, repair, and maintain signage, wraps, decals, and more.

Years of hands-on experience has helped our team establish an iron-clad approach to the entire creation process, start to finish. Furthermore, after we complete the final steps of delivery and installation, we leave our clients to enjoy their newfound signage and graphics. The end!

In a perfect world, your outdoor signs and graphics would forever defy the elements, never requiring any touch-ups, maintenance and/or repairs. Except, reality is just a tad different, and all signs, even those that have been made by competent and experienced professionals, are vulnerable to injury.


Getting to The Root of the Issue: Identifying the Cause of Damage

Every type of sign is subject to accruing damage over time, regardless of how well it’s been made and produced. Nothing is infallible, and graphics and signs are no exception. What exactly is the root cause of damage? Truthfully there are many ways to answer this question. Sometimes damage comes as a result of unavoidable wear and tear. There’s not necessarily a specific issue, but rather, your sign exhibits side effects that appear as a result of long-term outdoor exposure. On the contrary, some repairs are completely unexpected and take you entirely by surprise. Your sign/graphics could be vandalized, impacted by an object, overexposed to elements, etc.

In most cases, it doesn’t necessarily matter what happened. What matters more is that you have a competent team who knows how to deliver the results you need. At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we explicitly understand how much money, time, and effort goes into creating signs and graphics. Conversely, we approach repairs and service with the same enthusiasm, attention to detail, and hyperfocus as we do the manufacturing process.

Our team offers both maintenance/service options and comprehensive repairs. How do we determine which approach to take? Maintenance and service are usually reserved for those seeking routine “check-ups”. In those circumstances, the need for repair is either on a much smaller scale or virtually non-existent. On the other hand, our repair services are designed to tackle bigger issues. Don’t worry, we’ll assess your signs and graphics for you, recommending a pathway forward based on several factors including:

  • The age of the sign/graphics.
  • The nature of the issue.
  • How large the sign/graphics is/are.
  • The type of sign/graphics
  • The size of the project (are you looking for service and repair on multiple signs or just one?)
  • Your overall budget

The Maintenance/Service Process Explained

Service and repair are closely related, but as we’ve already mentioned, there are some factors we need to consider before we can move forward in either direction. Perhaps you know exactly what the issue is, or maybe you’ve simply noticed that your sign is no longer showing the same luster it once did. Either way, we can assess and explain the reasoning behind our recommendations. To further distinguish between the two services, here’s a general breakdown of the processes.

Service: At Element 4 Signs & Graphics, we offer routine sign and graphics service/maintenance. We understand that you’ve invested time and money into your sign, and routinely servicing it is one of the best ways to protect your purchase. Any sign or graphics that we can create and install, we can turn around and provide service for. Sometimes service is straightforward, for instance, your sign might need some fresh paint or light replacements. In other cases, the service you need might be a bit more involved. For instance, your sign might have information on it that is no longer accurate.

Maintenance is important, particularly with exterior signs and graphics. However, running a business often doesn’t lend itself to a lot of downtime, and that’s exactly why we’re here. We know how to conduct service in a thorough yet timely manner. We possess all of the proper tools and supplies needed to refresh and revitalize any sign or graphics. Our team is happy to make recommendations regarding service frequency, but ultimately, we’ll attend to your signs and graphics as often as you’d like. When it comes to protecting your assets and presenting your business in a positive light, maintenance can only benefit you.

The Repair Process Explained

Repairs: Signs relay a lot of information to your customers, which is why it’s crucial to keep them visible and functional. Sometimes the messages a sign conveys doesn’t even have anything to do with what’s written or what appears on its face. For example, let’s say you have a sign that has very noticeable issues and requires repairs, but you’ve continued to put off its repair for one reason or another. Eventually, people will notice you haven’t been proactive about its repair, and that can leave a lasting impression on your clients, both current and prospective.

Element 4 offers comprehensive repair for graphics and signage, both interior and exterior. We repair all types of signs, including those we’ve created and installed, and those that you’ve purchased elsewhere. While certainly not in the same vein as ordering a brand-new sign, repairs are often quite costly. However, we work hard to provide competitive rates in all aspects of our business, and repairs are no different. Basically, if we can create, produce, and install it, we can also repair it, and usually at a fraction of the cost compared to ordering a replacement.

Flexible Scheduling: Real Time Results

Element 4 Signs & Graphics is an independent, locally owned, and operated business. Because of this, we completely understand how difficult it can be to carve out time for repairs and the like. Especially if your business is small and local. Fortunately, we’ve taken the proper steps to ensure minimal disruptions by offering flexible scheduling. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the repairs you need, with the least amount of distraction possible. Our team is comprised of professionals, who act with decorum and tact regardless of where the job is located.

As with any other service, it’s normal to have questions and be curious about the process. To get started with service or repair, get in touch with us at any time and we can walk you through your options. Again, whether it’s your first time reaching out to Element 4, or you’re a long-time loyal customer, we’ll treat you with the same respect and work tirelessly to restore your signs and graphics to their previous glory.